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Science of Hypnotherapy


The classical definition of hypnosis is: "The by-pass of the critical factor of the conscious mind and establishment of acceptable selective thinking". There is no mention of relaxation, nor in any altered mind state. In fact, everyday you would receive a large amount of hypnotic suggestions through media channels, family & friends, and false mental associations, and completely unaware of them.


Hypnotherapy is a potent therapeutic practice. It opens the gateway (Critical Factor of the Conscious Mind) to the subconscious & unconscious mind layers, making beneficial changes to the "organic computer", and to let go of restrictions with which we subconsciously defined ourselves. Different from its stage counterpart, each well placed suggestion is designed to benefit physical and emotional well being. We always think that everything we ever lived through is either forgotten or retained in the form of a memory. As a matter of fact, it is there; It is part of us every moment of every day. We live our life in the light of reflected action, the things we used to do we are still doing in our mind. And the things we do, we will still be doing it in the future.


It is with paramount importance to deal with the ISE (initial sensitizing event), which is the root cause of many non-organic dis-eases. Through hypnotherapy, we will be able to re-visit these events and promote physical, emotional and behavioural healing. The process of Hypnotherapy is always to de-hypnotize you from the false associations.




Anyone with IQ above 70, and with the desire to be hypnotized, can enter a beautiful state of hypnosis.


Hypnotherapy is a consent practice, with absolute respect for client's privacy. We will never hypnotize clients without their acknowledgement and explicit agreement. If you have been pressured or guilt into booking a session, even when it comes from loving care, it is best to postpone until you personally have decided it is time for change.




Hypnotherapy as technology of the mind, can be categorized in three major branches:


Physical Healing:

This includes: Accelerate injury healing; pain management; immune system enhancement; sleep enhancement (insomnia); learning enhancement; sport performance enhancement...etc.


Mental (emotional / psychological) Healing:

This includes: Addiction removal; phobia / trauma removal; self confidence boost; pattern interruption; weight management... etc.



This includes: Pre-natal regression; progression; astral travel (Master's Realm); spiritual healing & cleansing; energetic attunement & intuition enhancement... etc.




Hypnotherapy is effective with addressing a wide spectrum of "mis-alignment", as well as illuminate one's intellect, and restores balance to the physical, emotional and energetic bodies.

  • Remove fear/phobia

  • Enhance memory

  • Remove stuttering

  • Revisit past events (regression)

  • Quit smoking

  • Remove insomnia

  • Control pain/discomfort

  • Improve self confidence

  • Lose weight

  • Improve healing of physical body

  • Heal / cleanse emotional body

  • Realize spiritual body

  • Explore spiritual dimension

  • Learn self hypnosis


Every thought or idea causes a physical reaction. We have all heard anger prompt heart attacks, stress causes high blood pressure and flaky skin. An emotional induced symptom tends to cause organic change if persisted in long enough.


Imagination is more powerful than knowledge when dealing with your own mind. Whether the event is "real" or not, when the mind believes it is real, even though it is beyond logic or common sense, it creates a reality within. Once an idea that has been accepted by the subconscious mind, it remains until it is replaced by another.


Each Suggestion acted upon creates less opposition to successive suggestion. Once a suggestion has been accepted by the subconscious mind, the next suggestion of similar nature will be easier to be accepted, while the first suggestion compounds on its effectiveness.


The greater the conscious effort, the less the subconscious response. The slogan is "Do more nothing than you had ever done before!". Unlike the traditional talk therapy, hypnotherapy by-pass the conscious and logical mind, and resolve trauma caused by the Initial Sensitizing Event (ISE). Once the ISE is removed, like an up-side-down pyramid, all manifested symptoms will crumble and disintegrate.


"Vasana means smell. This 'smell' is generated by a vast accumulation of impressions caused by your physical, mental, emotional, and energy actions. Depending upon the type of smell you emit, you attract certain kinds of life situations to yourself."