Hypnotherapy Principle


Our physical body is a powerful "drug store" that’s highly suggestible. The world is filled with suggestions of all kinds, some good, some not so much. Hypnotherapy's ultimate reach is to “de-hypnotize” you, so you may express the full capability of human potential. When an individual is in hypnosis and hears a suggestion, the person must take one of the four mental attitudes about that suggestion. Which mental attitude the person takes will determine whether the suggestion is accepted or rejected.


Mental Attitude #1:

"I like the suggestion, I know it is going to work for me.”


Mental Attitude #2:

"I am uncomfortable with the suggestion, It just doesn’t fit me.”


Mental Attitude #3:

"I feel neutral about the suggestion. I don’t care if I get it or don’t get it.”


Mental Attitude #4:

"I like the suggestion, I hope it will work / I will try to make it work."


The only mental attitude that will cause the suggestion to be accepted is #1. It opens up the subconscious mind and the gateway of critical factor, so the new programming can replace the old one, which no longer works. I will also repeat it often before and during the session.




There are as many types of hypnosis induction methods as the stars. Generally they can be sorted into these major categories:


  • Dave Elman Induction Method - an effective and systematic Induction technique developed by Dave Elman.

  • Progressive Relaxation Induction

  • Written Words Induction

  • Rapid Induction

  • Motor Induction


Each hypnosis induction work with different levels of personality, to reach a working state called "Somnambulism". Utilize simple & imaginative words, we assist the clients to see life with clarity, and invoke changes within the subconscious mind.





  • Listen to the hypnotherapy pre-talk recording (~32 minutes). If you have any question, please write them down, and I will answer prior to our session.

  • Please take a shower prior, and imagine the water cleanses your energy field of the whole body before the session.

  • No mind altering meditation at least 24hrs prior to the session. If prescribed by physician, please call to make sure it is safe to hold on till after the session is over.

  • Light (or no) vegetarian meal at least 4hrs prior to the session or a 2.5 hrs gap if you had a snack. (this is a request, not a command. Please do what's best for your body.)

  • Please have a journal and a pen with you to write down any thoughts discussed for post discussion/reflection.

  • Please wear comfortable clothing. The weather is unpredictable, think layers.

  • No contact lenses please, or you could remove it here before we start, and put them back on after we finish.

  • No perfumes/cologne/essential oil please.



SESSION PRICING - $110+hst / session

Hypnotherapy pricing is based on per session, regardless of duration. Session length range from 45 minutes to 2 hours, depends on the nature of the event. An in-take process may be required to build a general profile.


It is essential to listen to the Pre-talk recording prior to the session.


Certain topics (eg. quit smoking / drug addiction) will require three consecutive sessions within one week, while most could be resolved or see significant improvement after one or two sessions.


The most important aspect of Hypnotherapy is, the client must seek change on his/her own volition, without being forced or coerced by another.


Gerald Kein (1939-2017), founder of Omni Hypnosis, and my great teacher. Here I pay my homage to the true master for Hypnosis, you are deeply missed.