Walk the inward journey

Walk the inward journey

A traveller in wild lands

The physical world goes through leaps and bounds of scientific discoveries, while the evolution of the human mind stays, slowly forgetting its way to conceive the unmanifested forces, and how to connect with the innate power we all possess.

Many of us are born with great sensitivity to energy. It may be organic, or cultivated through previous incarnations. However, without the wisdom of "protection & utilization", we walk naked on this wild land, feeling every energetic flux.


An initiate is an individual who is fully grounded within the daily morphs of an active society, operates within strong ethical and moral codes, and is sensitive to the fluctuation of the mind. Someone who has already begun their work inward, prior to the initiation ritual. Already organically unveiling the layers of illusions (World of Maya), through meditation or Yoga. They also possess a sense of devotion to preserving the energetic balance, and a willingness to invite the "accelerated evolution" to life.

At INYE School of the First, we bring union from both the Eastern and the Western esoteric schools, and offer a comprehensive approach to the Work. Both the Eastern & Western Schools offer ways of training an initiate. By combining the unique perspectives of both, we offer potent tools from each tradition to light up the path of inner evolution.

If rituals and magics, the "power" gained from disciplined mental practices is a pursued goal for you, this is not a school for you. Through the lessons, the initiates gain a sense of devotion to preserving energetic balance, and a willingness to invite the "accelerated evolution" to life. Our aim is to let go of any expectation for results (destination) and to enjoy the journey of learning.


Moving Meditation

Eastern Tradition had brought five major Schools to its neophytes. Act as spiritual light houses, they paved a full spectrum illumination for all layers of human creation.

Jnana Yoga (Cosmic Wisdom)


Bhakti Yoga (Divine Devotion & Surrender)


Raja Yoga (Royal Path of True Self)


Karma Yoga (Liberation of Soul through Selfless Actions)


Hatha Yoga (Opposing Forces induce Purification)

Through physical movements (Asana), Breathwork (Pranayama) and Meditation, Inye Yoga is a community for ALL to begin their inward journey. You can visit the studio's website to learn more about our Yoga offerings.